Artist Statement Gallery 2  “Look at US” 

“Liberty and Justice for all” has never been a fact. The undeniable visible reality of police brutality across the country is

now captured in cell phone and body camera videos. From Eric Garner’s pleas of “I can’t breathe” to Philando Castile’s

last words, “I wasn’t reaching for it,” many whites are getting a small glimpse of the reality for people of color here. White supremacists are in the streets of places like Charlottesville. This is not the country we want to live in. It is our responsibility as whites to recognize our inherent advantage and to educate ourselves about the experiences of others.


Look at US invites viewers to consider white privilege, white fragility, implicit bias, explicit racism, and structural racism. 

We ask fellow white people to consider our complicity in maintaining the status quo, even when we consider ourselves to have the best of intentions regarding racial equality and racial justice. It is time we took an unflinching look at ourselves.


Look at US is an installation in three parts; 


                          White Faces, selected instances of overt white racism over the years in twenty-four 6” x 6” panels.

                          White Spaces, sixteen 8” x 8” panels illustrate structural and institutional racism; “We’re not racists!”

                          White Supremacists, Six 12” x 12” portraits of individuals who have acted on their own as agents of,

                          or advocates for, racism and white supremacy.


Gallery 2  presents a few panels from the series.      



#racialjustice  #whitefragility  #white supremacy  #UShistory



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